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Breathwork is a deeply healing and sacred practice. It can help spread light, move stagnation and old stuck energies and patterns. It can help release trauma, grief and pain that we may carry from our childhood, for our parents, for our ancestors. It can help deepen self love as well as love and compassion for everything that surrounds us. It can bring out the wildest joy and the most tender and heartfelt tears. It can create community, connection, evolution and oneness with the universe. Dr. Sarah is in love with this work, as it has elevated her personally on so many levels. One Breathwork session can feel like 20 years of meditation or yoga. It cracks the heart open quickly and is accessible to everyone. She has completed levels 1 through 3 Healer Training with David Elliott and will complete her certification with him in the spring. She is devoted to continuing to learn about this incredible healing practice, as she has witnessed how deeply it can help people heal. She is honored to bring this work to Thyme and the Bay Area Community and is currently offering one on one and couples Breathwork sessions at Thyme. She also has some Group Breathwork Circles in the works, including co-leading a circle or two with her friend and colleague Andrea Gordon at Thyme’s “Awaken Retreat” in March.