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Clinical Nutrition

3093834414_c56cf6db5e_m1Clinical Nutrition

Through Clinical Nutrition Naturopathic Doctors emphasize the value of food as medicine.

We assess nutrient absorption, utilization and deficiencies in each person. We also offer dietary education, advice and individualized nutritional plans with special attention to mindful eating and food choices. We will work with you, offering you ways to improve your diet by teaching you about the medicinal properties of certain foods and how to incorporate them into your life.  We also may suggest herbs, vitamins, minerals and other food based supplements when warranted. We love to give out recipes and handouts about the medicinal properties of foods to help you take an active role in your diet and nourish your body to help reach it’s potential.

At Thyme Integrative Health we also offer customized individual and group weight loss programs that encourage weight management to be an educational, self empowering, fun and sustainable process.

We offer food allergy and sensitivity testing and suggestions for working with known sensitivities and digestive disturbances. These include immune reaction testing, several options for allergy and food sensitivity testing, organic acid and amino acid testing and serum, saliva and urine tests to assess mineral, nutrient and vitamin status.

As well, the Clinic has a dispensary containing professional line, high quality nutrients and natural supplements that come from ethical, environmentally aware and well researched companies that are only available through Naturopathic Doctors and Primary Care Providers. We aim to sell products with minimal additives and preservatives. These nutritional supplements are chosen based on purity, potency, quality and research in aims to provide you with safe medicines at appropriate dosages.