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There are several different ways to detoxify and at Thyme Integrative Health we offer a wide range of detoxification options. These programs range from heavy metal oral chelation type protocols, infrared saunas to gentle detox programs just through nutrition alone. We offer both individualized and group detoxification programs. Individual programs are tailored to you- and we work together to formulate a cleanse that works best with your lifestyle and to suit your individual needs. Group detoxes offer group support and group classes such as cooking classes and yoga.

The components of any Individual Naturopathic Detoxification Protocol usually include:

  1. Dietary recommendations: these change depending on the individual and the foods in season. Shopping lists, menu plans, recipes and clear guidelines are always given before starting a detox.
  2. Supplementation: sometimes nutrients and supplementation are added to encourage and enhance detoxification, prevent nutrient deficiencies, optimize nutrient absorption from food and protect healthy organs and systems.
  3. Herbal Support: various herbal teas, tinctures and topical preparations are chosen based on the individual and the type of detoxification protocol being used.
  4. Hydrotherapy and Infrared Sauna: we often add constitutional hydrotherapy treatments which involve the use of hot and cold water treatments, cleansing herbs and an electrical stimulation machine to help enhance detoxification. We also have a portable Infrared Sauna in office available for patient use.
  5. Lifestyle Tips and Guidance: this includes breathing techniques, meditations, exercise prescriptions and other lifestyle cleansing processes to encourage holistic detoxification and cleansing in all realms of health.

Group Detoxification programs:

Please stay tuned for info on our next Group Detox Program