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Dr. Jan Weber, MD

Meet Dr. Jan Weber

Dr. Jan Weber is board certified is board certified in Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine. He had an interest in integrative medicine even prior to starting medical school. He has always looked for healing on a deeper level (versus just symptomatic treatment of illness) and has explored different dimensions of healing (such as the physical in medicine and the energetic in homeopathy and hands on healing). His interest in understanding people better led him to choose psychiatry as a medical specialty and his desire to understand development better lead to him into going into Child Psychiatry.

After going to medical school in Germany (Hannover Medical School) he did his Adult Psychiatry Residency training at the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry and Baylor College of Medicine, and then his Child Psychiatry Fellowship at Stanford. He spent 6 months during medical school in India studying Homeopathy as the first ever “official” visiting student of Bombay University. He has also spent two years in the “Professional Studies Program” at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Miami. Throughout his psychiatric training he studied different types of psychotherapy, such as individual, couples, family, group, psychodynamic, CBT and EMDR. Over the last decade, he served as the Psychiatric Medical Director for the County of Santa Cruz and prior to that as Chief, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Vice Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry in Santa Clara County.

He loves working with kids and their families as well as highly motivated young adults. In his practice he tries to integrate nutritional interventions and nutritional supplements, if desired. He sees healing as an ongoing learning process and his role as physician to assist a client in this process in a collaborative way. In his free time he loves to sail and to travel.

Please contact Dr. Weber to set up an appointment with him at Thyme Health: 650-482-8232