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Breathwork Circle

Breathwork Circle: Let it go. With love. 

In this month’s Breathwork Circle we will hold the intention of letting go of something we are carrying that no longer serves- with love and compassion. 

Breathwork is a deeply healing and sacred practice. It can help spread light, move stagnation and old stuck energies and patterns. It can help release trauma, grief and pain that we may carry from our childhood, our parents, our ancestors. It can help deepen self love as well as love and compassion for everything that surrounds us. It can bring out the wildest joy and the most tender and heartfelt tears. It is a beautiful practice to help expand creativity, imagination and connectedness. Dr. Sarah is deeply in love with this work, as it has nourished her on so many levels and elevated her yoga and meditation practices. She weaves it into her naturopathic and acupuncture one on one work, and has been a witness to so much healing through this modality. The energy of breathwork as a group is magical, and she is honored to hold the space in this amazing community.

STAY TUNED FOR REGISTRATION INFO….(registration through Ocean Yoga Pacifica)


Thyme Retreats

Our Adrenal Love Retreat was so so so beautiful! Deep gratitude to all the amazing folks that joined us.

Good news! “Awaken” A Women’s Wellness Retreat is open for registration. Join us March 13-15/2020. Read on for more details 

Please click here for full details and information.


B12 Happy Hours

What: B12 can help boost mood, energy, metabolism, athletic performance and more. We also customize our injections with various combos to help support adrenal health, metabolism, thyroid health, the neurological system and sleep health.  Our NDs host two weekly B12 Happy Hours at Thyme. Walk ins welcome
When: Mondays noon-1pmWednesdays 3-5pm, Thursdays 4-6pm

Meditation and Authentic Communication Group

What it’s all about: Michael Badolato, one of Thyme’s Therapists, leads a weekly meditation group on Friday evenings at Thyme. Here we create a safe space for authentic inner connection and outer expression. We will utilize meditation and awareness practices to explore  the power of your “inner being” and to utilize this power to overcome obstacles and create a more authentic, satisfying and heartfelt life.   When: Friday evenings at 6pm     Cost: Suggested donation of $15

Where: Thyme Integrative Health Clinic

To register or for more information please contact Michael directly at: 415-820-3912 or mbadolato7@yahoo.com