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Intramuscular Injection Therapy/B12

393650534_715e654768_mIntramuscular Injection Therapy/B12

Our doctors offer Customized Intramuscular Injections, please discuss with us on type of Injection, dose and frequency of therapy to best support your health.

We offer walk in Happy hours for B12 and other nutrient injections on Mondays 12-1pm and Wednesdays 3-5pm and Thursdays 4-6pm 

B12 plays a vital role and is an essential vitamin that serves as co-factor for many pathways in our body. There are many conditions that benefit from B12 therapy. Nervous system disorders, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, lower cognitive performance, neuropathy, detoxification and many other conditions. It also helps with weight loss, muscle mass and athletic performance. B12 deficiency is found in vegetarians/vegans, older adults, high levels of stress, alcoholism, digestive disorders and smoking.

Folic Acid can help some health conditions and may be used in support with other ingredients in the intramuscular therapy. Research has shown there is a correlation with lower folic acid levels and depression. It also plays a key role in B12 absorption and utilization.

Lipo-MIC is the fat burning amino acid combination of Methionine, Inositol and Choline.  This blend of lipotropic amino acids supports weight loss programs, balancing hormones, detoxification and the liver breaking down fat soluble toxins.  Customized injections will be made in conjunction with B12.