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Patient Visits

shutterstock_102822488Naturopathic Medicine: Patient Visits

We are now accepting new patients!

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Visit Overview

Initial Visit: 1.5-2 hours

One of the major distinctions between Naturopathic Doctors and other Primary Care Physicians is the amount of time we spend with each patient. The Initial Naturopathic Visit consists of a thorough health and medical history. We discuss your general health concerns and go through each body system to screen for past and present imbalances. We aim to address all the contributing factors to health- physical, psychological, hereditary, social, spiritual and environmental. In this visit we determine if there is a need for further diagnostic or assessment procedures including any lab work if neccessary. We discuss your goals, options for treatments,  and decide together what the focus of treatment will be. We will begin a basic treatment plan in the first visit.

Follow up visits: ½ hour or 1 hour

The frequency and duration of follow up visits is essentially up to you. Half hour follow ups are mainly to monitor progress, add or modify treatment plans and to check in. Hour follow ups are often recommended if any acupuncture, hydrotherapy or bodywork is being done or if there are deep rooted or numerous health concerns we are working through.

Physical Exam Visit: 1 hour

This visit includes a full screening physical exam if indicated.  At Thyme we provide full screening physicals, sports physicals, schools physicals, women’s wellness/gynecological exams, PAP smears and breast exams.

Please contact the clinic for further inquiries and more information around fees and insurance.