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Physical Therapy-Personal and Group Clinics

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As a physical therapist and wellness expert, Dr. Kinder specializes in the prevention, maintenance, and treatment of injury and disease through exercise and lifestyle modification. Her goal is to optimize her client’s fitness and health. She recognizes that life is a series of constant choices and wellness across the lifespan starts with informed decisions.  Exercise is not one size fits all. Whether you have back pain, cardiovascular disease, looking to loose weight, pre or postpartum, or overall deconditioned; Dr. Kinder customizes a program to meet your goals and get you to your desired activity and fitness level.

Injury, weakness, and deconditioning can be due to multiple factors. During your initial appointment Dr. Kinder will assess your health history and the key factors that can lead to injury and/or disease. These key factors include: the physical condition of the body/body part(s), nutritional factors, exercise habits, and overall sleep hygiene.

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Exercise Prescription: whole body or specific regional evaluation and exercise prescription for:

Women’s Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

-Incontinence (leakage)

-Pre and post pregnancy issues

-Urinary frequency

-Urinary urgency

-Organ prolapse

-Pelvic pain


-Diastasis Recti

-Pelvic floor dysfunction

Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Physical Therapy


-Overall conditioning

-Muscle strength, endurance, & control

-Range of Motion & Flexibility


-Aerobic Capacity

-Balance/Fall Risk


Physical therapy sessions may utilize the following techniques: internal and external pelvic floor assessment, biofeedback, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, hands on stretching, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and home exercise program that meets your needs.

Nutrition Screening – screening, recommendations, and referrals for key diet and nutrition components for the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as:

Type 2 Diabetes


Metabolic Disorder

Cardiovascular Disease

Sleep Screening – screening, recommendations, and referrals for sleep hygiene. Sleep is essential for the body to repair and grow. Clients dealing with an injury or illness commonly suffer from poor sleep.  Dr. Kinder screens clients providing recommendations, and referrals if needed.

Depending on a client’s needs, the initial appointment last 60-75 min.

While available to see all patients, she has a special interest in helping postpartum women regain their strength and function.  As a mother herself, she empathizes with the exhaustion and limits on time the postpartum journey brings. Whether you are a new mother, grandmother or somewhere in between, you can maximize your potential to achieve your strongest and fittest self.

The female body goes through significant changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Changes in posture, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems can set the stage for injuries – often regardless of the number of years postpartum. Physical therapy is a safe and effective method to regain the strength and neuromuscular connections that are often altered pre and post baby.

Common challenges women express pre and post baby include (1) urinary/ bowel discomfort & leakage, (2) pain/pressure/heavy feeling in the vagina or rectum, (3) muscle spasms in the pelvis, what do these challenges have in common? Treatable pelvic floor dysfunctions that can improve your quality of life.

The Postpartum Wellness Assessment Dr. Kinder offers is designed to strengthen and learn/adopt proper pelvic floor utilization techniques. This method is delivered as a blend of assessment, education, and exercise prescription.

Dr. Kinder is a licensed physical therapist, ACSM certified exercise physiologist, and an associate professor of kinesiology. She earned her Masters of Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy Science from UCSF/SFSU physical therapy program. She enjoys running, swimming, yoga, and spending time with her husband and two children in the great outdoors.

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