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Private Pilates Sessions


Pilates is an exercise method originally developed by Joseph Pilates.  It is a system of exercises that condition the entire body. Pilates strengthens the core, creates long and flexible muscles, improves joint mobility and helps align the body. It is a highly adaptable form of exercise that can be modified to be gentle enough to be used in physical therapy yet challenging enough to be used by professional athletes. Pilates trains the body to move more efficiently which is invaluable for preventing and recovering from injury, maintaining good posture, and creating optimal health.

Anne teaches private Pilates sessions at Thyme Integrative Health.  She has seen the benefits of Pilates in a wide range of clients.  Anne worked for several years in a physical therapy clinic and has experience working with a variety of injuries.  Anne has used Pilates as a way to help relieve and prevent low back pain and as a way to prepare for and recover from surgery.  She has also taught prenatal and postnatal clients using Pilates as a way to stay strong during pregnancy, prepare for birth, recover from childbirth and be ready for all the changes that come with caring for new babies.  Anne also works with athletes and has helped them gain strength and flexibility for their specific sport.