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Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychiatry

image009-300x225Psychotherapy and Integrative Child and Adult Psychiatry

At Thyme we are so lucky to have four wonderful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, a Psychologist and an Integrative Psychiatrist . All of them provide therapy to individuals, couples, families, and adolescents. Dr. Weber is an Integrative Psychiatrist who sees children, adults and teens.

Shane David provides integrative psychotherapy services to adult individuals, teens, and children.  Shane offers therapy services for a variety of psychological and emotional issues and enjoys providing both depth-oriented therapy as well as short-term work and crisis intervention. He uses relational, experiential, and somatic approaches to help people heal from difficult past experiences, to skillfully navigate the challenges of daily life, and to deepen personal growth. He is direct, engaged, and invites an authentic relationship with his clients. For those interested, Shane offers outdoor therapy in natural settings as an adjunct to sessions held in the office.

Michael Badolato is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist providing counseling to individuals, couples and families. A graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies, his heart-centered approach gently and effectively helps individuals release themselves from limiting conditioning and the unconscious beliefs that can undermine their natural desire to live authentically and with purpose. Using his deeply compassionate and mindfulness-based presence, Michael seeks to assist individuals to rediscover the light of their own being, however clouded-over it may feel. Working non-judgmentally he helps individuals reconnect to the source of their true creativity, freedom and joy. As the program director of Broderick Street Residential Treatment Facility for the last 10 years, Michael has extensive experience working with major mental and medical illness and chronic pain. In his private practice, he particularly enjoys working with the spiritual foundations of psychological issues. Michael also runs a group meditation and therapy class at Thyme on Friday evenings.

Jasmine Dunckel is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working with youth and families in San Mateo County since 2009.  Jasmine continues to work with adults and teens and has a special interest in issues concerning new motherhood and parenting. Exploration around emotional experience and expression, maladaptive thought patterns, automatic reactions, exploring expectations as well as the decision making process is descriptive of the work she does with her clients. Jasmine hopes to support individuals and families in becoming effective communicators, who are emotionally aware and can cope positively with the struggles of life and relationships. She aims to instill confidence within each person with whom she works. Jasmine is a warm, compassionate practitioner who values the wisdom each client brings to the session.

Dr. Laurie Goren is a Clinical Psychologist and describes her work as follows:  My clients come for help in addressing discomfort or difficulty related to a broad range of issues, such as academic or professional performance, life transitions, relationships, and post-traumatic stress. I provide a warm, creative atmosphere that fosters curiosity in a collaborative process of exploration and growth.  Together, my clients and I take a holistic approach to improving the health of their mind, body, and spirit within the spheres of family, community and culture. We develop a dynamic individualized plan for exploring patterns of belief, thought, and behavior and for encouraging change towards healthier relationships with themselves and others. Generally, I take a multi-modal, neurologically-informed and humanistic approach to psychotherapy. For symptom relief, however, I may employ focused intervention from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming Therapy (EMDR), mindfulness or somatic psychotherapies.

Dr. Jan Weber is board certified is board certified in Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine. He had an interest in integrative medicine even prior to starting medical school. He has always looked for healing on a deeper level (versus just symptomatic treatment of illness) and has explored different dimensions of healing (such as the physical in medicine and the energetic in homeopathy and hands on healing). His interest in understanding people better led him to choose psychiatry as a medical specialty and his desire to understand development better lead to him into going into Child Psychiatry. He loves working with kids and their families as well as highly motivated young adults. In his practice he tries to integrate nutritional interventions and nutritional supplements, if desired. He sees healing as an ongoing learning process and his role as physician to assist a client in this process in a collaborative way.